Men's Ministry

The men of Harvest Field strive to be Godly leaders in their households and great servants within the church and community. These brothers in Christ hold each other accountable in their walks with The Lord. Fellowship is also very important to these modern-day apostles, so they gather together in various ways throughout the year.

Annual Men's Outing!

Join the brothers of Harvest Field for our Annual Men's Outing at Fresh Encounter Woods in Grover Hill, OH! From August 25 starting at 3PM until August 26th at noon we will be hosting our men's camping trip. Enjoy Tent Camping, Fishing Derby Saturday, and a great time of fellowship with Brothers in Christ!

Meals will be provided for supper on Friday, Breakfast and Pulled Pork Lunch on Saturday. Come at anytime, we'll be there at 3pm on Friday! All men and boys welcome to join, bring a friend!

20700 Road 48
Grover Hill, OH 45849